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        SOHO Provides one-stop service to all our customers for hotel, personal care and airline industry. We take personal responsibility about the environmental impact of formula and packaging in our industry and always keep looking for innovative ways to reduce waste, pursue sustainably, and creat a wide variety eco-friendly products to our customers.
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        SOHO has rich brand design, formula research and development, new bottle type and new material design ability in personal care industry. Our personal care categories are men, women and neutral design. The product line is divided into hair care, body care, hand and foot care and lip care. Welcome to inquire.


        SOHO has more than 20 years of production and export experience in hotel supplies industry. We have won the recognition and trust of global hotel chains and customers all over the world. We focus on the market frontier product trends and launch new design solutions and environmental protection materials for clients to choose from. Assist customers to design their own brands to achieve customers success.
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        SOHO is working to provide products to global well know leading airline and cruises, like United Airlines, American Airlines, Singapore Airlines, Qatar Airways, Emirates, Japan Airlines, Costa Crociere cruises, MSC cruises, Royal Caribbean International, Princess cruises and so on. Customer need-Oriented, Green policy for production, and high quality standard are the way we maintain our mission of sustainability.
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        GIFT SET

        SOHO aims to provide high-end gifts and customized services for customers based on the concept of "think what customers think". SOHO has a young, professional product design and development team, with a keen sense of fashion and rich industrial custom design experience. The combination of these factors can not only create a unique style of SOHO, but also meet the needs of customers.


        SOHO provides one-stop OEM service. We have developed many popular brands and cooperated with foreign famous brands, which has won the trust and support of many multinational hotel groups. In addition to high-quality OEM, we also focus on the demand of high-end skin care products and provide customers with high-end skin care products in the form of ODM