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        ABOUT US

        SOHO was founded in 1998. A comprehensive provider with 22 years experiences for Personal care, Pet care, Hotel, and Airline supplies industry.

        Our headquarter, Dr. OPPEAL, a listed Manufactory Group (stock code 834462) locates in Yangzhou. It covers 80,000 square meters with 6 workshops and 500 employees for cosmetic and package. Focusing on technology and innovation, we select well recognized raw material suppliers and continuously improve formulation and eco-friendly package to guarantee the highest quality for products and environmental sustainability.

        Customer need-oriented, green policy for production, and high quality standard are the ways we maintain our mission of sustainability. Our passion for the earth is to creatively integrate the green and healthy ideas into daily work and life.
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        OUR R&D

        OPPEAL has a R&D team with 30 people, develop more than 100 series and 1000 items every year. Continuously optimized formulas, innovative and eco-friendly package solutions, and competitive cost optimization are the cores of our product development.

        Holding to the environmental sustainability concept, OPPEAL is committed to reduce the impact on the environment by using nature ingredients in cosmetics and using bridgeable and recyclable plastic (PSM/PLA/PCR/ECOPURE) for package.

        We promise to develop and make healthy products for human body, for society, and for environment.
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        Professional quality control team and robust traceability system.

        The highest standards in quality and performance is executed strictly in our internal all production procedures from raw material supplier audits to raw material input to semi-finished product production, and final finished product inspection, it throughout the lifespan of each product. Our production and cosmetics have reached the highest standards in quality of well-known certification Authority.
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        Adhering to the concept of standardized production, DR. OPPEAL has already obtained a series of authoritative certification in the industry of personal care and hotel supplies, like ISO14000, ISO9001, ISO22716, GMPC, RSPO, COSMOS, FDA, SASO and CPSR, ECO-FRIENDLY PACKAGE and other test reports. With strict internal training and external inspection, formed good manufacturing standards.

        We work closely with international certification authority( Intertek, SGS, BV), well know the oversea laws and regulations and latest news, to provide more professional and more safe solution and service.
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        Misson: Creat value for customer and Materialize personal value for staff.

        Values: Customer-oriented. Honest and Trustworthy. Unite as one. Embracing change and Making Innovation.

        As one of the largest cosmetic manufacturer in China, we have responsibility to the earth. With this mindset, DR.OPPEAL Insists on utilizing green sustainable resource and constantly improve our environment through the whole production process to minimize energy and raw material waste. And continually search for ways to minimize the company’s carbon footprint. We want to protect the future of our families through the respect of nature.
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